Official Tebex Partner

LeaderOS is an official partner of Tebex. Use over 30 modules of LeaderOS combined with the Tebex Game Monetization Engine.

All LeaderOS Customers get free Tebex Plus Plan!

What is LeaderOS?

Setup your Minecraft server's website in minutes!

LeaderOS is a all-in-one website software for Minecraft servers. You can manage your server's website, monetize your server, manage support tickets, create a forum for player discussions, and provide unique experiences for your players with 30+ LeaderOS modules.

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Advance your minecraft server website!

Level up your Tebex Store with LeaderOS

Level up your Tebex store with LeaderOS's 30+ integrated modules. Enjoy a range of features including Forums, Support, Blogs, and more, all combined with Tebex's powerful store system and chargeback protection. All LeaderOS customers recieve Tebex Plus plan for free!

120+ Payment Methods

Tebex Headless API

Connect your Tebex webstore to your LeaderOS website using the Tebex Headless API, giving your community access to over 120 local payment methods, and enjoy the benefits of chargeback protection, 7-Day Payout, and no hidden fees.

How can I get Tebex Plus Plan for free?

Subscribe to LeaderOS, setup your website and enjoy the free Tebex plus plan!

1. Subscribe to LeaderOS

Start your LeaderOS subscription on our website. You can set up your website on our free cloud hosting service or on your self-hosted server.

2. Enable Tebex Store Module

After installing LeaderOS, please activate the Tebex Store module from the Modules page in the Dashboard.

3. Enjoy Tebex Plus Plan

Click to the button on Tebex Store module page, then click the link sent to your email to set-up your store.

Why LeaderOS?

Rather than spending time and resources setting up separate forum, blog, and store softwares, choose LeaderOS for all-in-one features!

Free Tebex Plus Plan

Experience the Tebex Plus Plan for free when you subscribe to LeaderOS! Upgrade your website with our advanced modules.

30+ Modules

Effortlessly manage 30+ modules, including Store, Support, Forum, Blog, Help Center, and more. Activate and customize as you wish!

Free Premium Support

Get expert assistance 24/7 at no extra cost with our premium support. Your success is our priority!

Be Unique
Be unique with
Premium Themes!

Enhance your Tebex Store to match your regular looks, complete with blogs, forums, support pages and more.

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One-Click Install & Update
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LeaderOS?

LeaderOS is a all-in-one minecraft website software with many modules such as forum, store, help center, support, leaderboards, blog, CMS for minecraft server websites.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be charged any cancellation fees.

How can I get support?

You can get support by opening a ticket on our Discord server.

How can I get Tebex Plus plan for free?

You can get free Tebex Plus plan by subscribing to LeaderOS. Please visit our Help Center for more information.

Can I get a free Tebex Plus plan if I already have a Tebex Store?

No, you can not get a free Tebex Plus plan if you already have a Tebex Store. You need to create a new Tebex Store via LeaderOS.

How long is the Tebex Plus Plan free for LeaderOS customers?

LeaderOS customers receive the Tebex Plus Plan for free for up to 12 months.

Do LeaderOS customers have to use the Tebex Store?

No, it is not mandatory to use the Tebex Store. LeaderOS has its own Store module. After the 12-month free Tebex Plus Plan period, customers can choose to use our own Store module instead.


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