Terms of Use

Last updated: April 5, 2023

Once you have purchased our software, you accept these conditions below. LeaderOS has the right to update these conditions without notice and to remove licences from a user who do not comply to any of these conditions.

  1. You cannot change the licensing system codes in the software.
  2. Licences obtained through a giveaway or winning a competition cannot be given/sold/gifted to anyone else.
  3. Licences obtained through a giveaway or winning a competition cannot benefit from technical support or domain name changing services.
  4. You cannot make false statements about our software.
  5. You cannot insult/slander/swear to any of our staff members.
  6. You cannot use any themes designed by theme makers without their permission.
  7. You can trade or give any licences purchased from us. However, we will not be involved in the process and the buyer/receiver cannot benefit from our technical support services.
  8. If you are using a web hosting that is not in our supported hosting list, then you cannot receive any support from us. LeaderOS is not compatible with every web hosting services! Please open a support ticket to learn more about our supported web hosting services.
  9. You can change your domain name for free every 6 months. If you would like to change your domain name sooner that 6 months, then you must pay a fee for domain name change.
  10. If the web hosting service is not renewed by 7 days, all the data will be removed FOREVER!
  11. There are no refunds as there is special licensing made for each customer.
  12. After purchasing, you have to open ticket from our discord server.