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Explore +30 modules including a Store, Support, Forum, Blog, Help Center, and more!

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Setup your Minecraft server's website in minutes!

LeaderOS is a all-in-one website software for Minecraft servers. You can manage your server's website, monetize your server, manage support tickets, create a forum for player discussions, and provide unique experiences for your players with 30+ LeaderOS modules.

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Unlock a world of benefits without spending a dime. Discover the perks without the cost!

Discord Bot

Allow players to link their accounts and roles, login with Discord account, and reply support tickets on your Discord server. It's completely Open Source!

LeaderOS Minecraft Plugin
Plugin (Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity)

Unlock a range of features for your players with our plugin compatible with Bukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord, and Velocity. Offer features such as Web Store, Bazaar, Credits, Authentication and ensure product delivery after purchase. It's completely Open Source!

LeaderOS Free Icon Pack
Icon Pack

Explore over 100 free product images in the Icon Pack, perfect for showcasing items in your store.

Free Tebex Plus Plan

Experience the Tebex Plus Plan for free when you subscribe to LeaderOS! Level up your Tebex Store with LeaderOS.

Level up your Tebex Store with LeaderOS!

Official Tebex Partner

LeaderOS is an official partner of Tebex. Use over 30 modules of LeaderOS combined with the Tebex Game Monetization Engine. All LeaderOS Customers get free Tebex Plus Plan!

Be Unique
Be unique with
Premium Themes!

Stand out with our Premium Themes and give your Minecraft server website a unique touch!

Theme Editor
Theme Settings
One-Click Install & Update
Mobile Friendly

Ready-to-use Integrations

Explore dozens of ready-to-use integrations seamlessly integrated into LeaderOS, including Discord, Tebex, PayPal, 2FA, Limbo, Google Analytics, reCAPTCHA, and more.


30+ Payment Methods

Accept payments worldwide in seconds with 30+ integrated providers. Deliver products to gamers automatically, track earnings, and stay protected from chargebacks with
Tebex Checkout!

Why LeaderOS?

+30 modules, free Tebex Plus Plan, free premium support, and over 2000 servers trust us!

Secure & Scalable

LeaderOS, trusted by over 1500 servers, undergoes performance and security testing to ensure reliability. Your developers can edit the code and develop the software.

Free Premium Support

Get expert assistance 24/7 at no extra cost with our premium support. Your success is our priority!

Free Tebex Plus Plan

Experience the Tebex Plus Plan for free when you subscribe to LeaderOS! Level up your Tebex Store with LeaderOS.

Self-Hosted or Cloud

LeaderOS adapts to you! Host it on your VPS/VDS servers for full control or let us handle it effortlessly in the web hosting.

Premium Themes

Be unique with our exclusive Premium Themes. Elevate your style and stand out from the crowd!

30+ Modules

Effortlessly manage 30+ modules, including Store, Support, Forum, Blog, Help Center, and more. Activate and customize as you wish!

Grow up with LeaderOS!

Success Stories


The LeaderOS stands out with its intuitive interface and impressive performance. Its user-friendly design and fast access features allow customers to optimize their business processes by providing a seamless experience. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all Minecraft server owners.


As CraftLime, we are extremely satisfied with using LeaderOS. Since the day we first set up our Minecraft server, LeaderOS has provided us with a seamless and uninterrupted experience. Its flexible structure and user-friendly interface have significantly eased our business processes. If you are looking for a reliable and effective Minecraft web software, LeaderOS is definitely the right choice.


Working with LeaderOS was a fantastic experience. LeaderOS enabled us to perfect our website with its sincerity and customer-centric approach. I recommend LeaderOS for those who want to have a professional and impressive website.


We have been using the LeaderOS on our servers for over two years. In addition to its very reasonable price, it is extremely user-friendly and continuously evolving. Most importantly, they provide quick and effective solutions to all our support requests. I would like to express my gratitude for the support provided by LeaderOS and their valuable team.


We have been using LeaderOS for 3 years now. They provide high-quality software and fast support. Moreover, their features have significantly eased our operations. As a server owner, I wholeheartedly recommend LeaderOS.


As RebornCraft, we have been using the LeaderOS web script for a long time, and we are very pleased with the experience we have had during this period. LeaderOS's user-friendly design, impressive performance, and fast access features help us provide a seamless experience for our players.

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